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Mehta Ghat

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Mehta Ghat,

Mehta Ghat lies between Ganesh ghat and Ram ghat. In the year 1960, it was purchased by a wealthy merchant of Kolkata Ballabh Ram Shaligram Mehta. He made it pucca and the ghat was named after him on his commemoration. Before 1960, it was a part of Ramghat.

As we go up the ghat, there is a Hospital and a Sangved Sanskrit Vidyalaya. These are the only two noticeable structures near the ghat. Ballabh Mehta also constructed the hospital in 1962. In the same year,  the  Municipal  Corporation of Varanasi repaired and extended the ghat. The Sangved Sanskrit Vidyalaya or the school of Sang Veda is a Sanskrit medium school. Students of this Vidyalaya have to live a life of a monk. They strictly abided by celibacy, chastity, yoga, and meditation rules. Perhaps this school is one of its kind in the whole of India.

The ghat is constructed of bricks and cement and since it has no religious importance so very few people come here to take a bath. Mostly people from the Marathi community reside on this side of the ghat.

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