About Us

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Who Are We?

Our Mission is to connect ancient Varanasi to the modern world by promoting local culture, art, history & stories.

Our journey started in January 2018 with an Instagram account created to share short snippets from the daily life of Varanasi. As we continued to share the stories from Varanasi a lot more people joined us in no time. After considering the problems that modern explorers, city dwellers & travellers face with respect to the resources available about Varanasi, Varanasi Guru website was launched. Since then we haven’t looked back and a lot many people like you have joined us as contributors & explorers.

In addition to providing practical information and services, VaranasiGuru is also committed to sharing the historical and religious importance of the city with our audience. We strive to educate and inspire both young and old about the rich history and spiritual significance of Varanasi.


we the people of banaras

Our Team

We’re a dedicated group of young locals deeply committed to safeguarding our rich ancient heritage and culture. Our fervor stems from a profound desire to ensure the longevity and appreciation of our treasured traditions for generations to come.

Honourable Contributions