Unlock the secrets of Kashi with Varanasi Guru

Kedar Ghat- The Mandala of Kashi

Kedar Ghat, home to the Gauri Kedareshwar temple, is one of the five sacred ghats in Varanasi. Dashashwamedh, Panchganga, Manikarnika, and Adi Keshav are the other four major ghats. 

Just as Kashi is believed to be the mandala of


Mukti Bhawan- Death Hotel of Varanasi

Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, commonly known as Moksha Bhawan, is somewhat like a guest house for the seekers of salvation. People come to spend the last days of their lives in the holy city of Kashi in order to attain salvation. According to


Mehta Ghat

Mehta Ghat,

Mehta Ghat lies between Ganesh ghat and Ram ghat. In the year 1960, it was purchased by a wealthy merchant of Kolkata Ballabh Ram Shaligram Mehta. He made it pucca and the ghat was named after him on his commemoration.


Lolark Kund – House of Trembling Sun

Lolark Kund, a rectangular water tank of 15m in height, is one of the oldest sacred places in Varanasi. This structure might date back to around 1000 AD. The word ‘Lolark’ means ‘trembling sun’. The kund displays a wavering image of Sun

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