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Nakkataiya Mela – A Nail in Coffin of British Raj

Introduction to Nakkataiya Mela

Nakkataiya/Nakataiya/Nakataia or Nak Kataiya is an annual procession that takes

Pishach Mochan – Tirth of Forbidden Ones

A serene surrounding of a water body with an aged old temple dedicated to the Lord Kapardishwara Mahadev, Gates

10 Songs to Vibe on your next trip to Varanasi

Here is a list of 10 songs you can play on loop while exploring Banaras.

Banarasiya by Sooraj Santosh

Ramnagar Ramleela – UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Started more than 200 years ago by the king of Varanasi, Ramanagar Ramleela is touted to be much older than that.

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