Reewa ghat- an abode of budding artists

Earlier a part of Assi ghat, Reewa Ghat is a little further down from Assi ghat, right before Tulsi Ghat. This ghat was earlier named after Lala Misir who constructed this ghat. He was a family priest of the king of Punjab, Raja Ranjit Singh. Later, it came to be known as Leelaram Ghat. In 1879, the king of Reewa purchased this and made sufficient repairs after which it was known as Reewa Ghat even till today.

Reewa Ghat

The Reewa Kothi or Reewa Palace is situated on the top of the stairs on the northern side of Gangamahal. Its extension was made by the addition of another palatial house which can distinctively be marked by the royal symbol at the gate opening towards the ghat. It is built with artistic sandstones. This building has two parts, one part of the palace and the other one an auxiliary house. The northern and the southern porches are based on the joints of pillars. On both sides, there are stone steps. 

Reewa Kothi

In 1955, the king of Kashi gave this palace to Banaras Hindu University which now houses the students of performing arts and music. The students perform their arts early in the morning beside the holy Ganga. During 1985-2000, the ghat was completely covered by the siltation during the annual flood. An NGO under the direction of Shanti Lal Jain has fully recovered the silt and now there exists open space. Some tea shops have occupied the area in the foreground. Currently, the Reewa Kothi palace is owned by Banaras Hindu University and the ghat area is owned by the Municipal Corporation.

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How to reach Reewa Ghat

You can take an auto/rickshaw to Assi road. Walk a little further from Assi Ghat to Rewa Ghat.

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