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Kaal Bhairav – The Kotwal of Kashi

वाराणस्यांभैरव: देवसंसारभयंनासंनम!

जनमजन्मस्य: कृताम्पापम्दर्शनेनविनश्यति!

The shlok which resides on the tongue-tip of every Kashi Vasi glorifies the fierce yet compassionate nature of Kaal Bhairav. How their sins get abolished

Mehta Ghat

Mehta Ghat,

Mehta Ghat lies between Ganesh ghat and Ram ghat. In the year 1960, it was purchased by a wealthy merchant of Kolkata Ballabh Ram Shaligram Mehta. He made it pucca and the ghat was named after him on his commemoration.

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