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Gola Ghat – The ancient Ferry Point

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Gola Ghat is one of the oldest ghats of Varanasi and its been in use since late12th Century. The upper area of this Ghat had a lot of granaries and the market was called “Galla Market”. Locals used to pronounce “Galla” as “Gola” and that’s how it got its name.

Gola Ghat varanasi
Early morning captured by Manish

The Gola Ghat also used to be an important and one of the busiest ferry points in Varanasi but after the construction of Dufferin bridge(Present day Malviya Bridge) in 1887, it lost its importance. The double-decker bridge allowed people to transfer their goods quickly and gradually the ghat became deserted.

In 1988, The Irrigation department and Govt made this ghat pucca. Later, the Govt installed a sewage pumping station here. Today the Gola Ghat is inhabited by the families of boatmen, Washermen, and the fishermen. Apart from a Puranic sacred riverfront spot, Pishegila Tirtha it has no religious or cultural significance.


How to Reach

Gola Ghat is located near Rabindranath Tagore Road/ Machodari Road. It is well connected to all the Railways stations, Airport and the bus stand via road. You can reach here by shared auto-rickshaws which are available all around the city. One can also take a boat ride from any ghat to the Gola ghat.


What to See 

  • Bhrigu Keshava
  • Varunaditya Temple
  • Trilochan Ghat
  • Nandeshwar Ghat


Nearby Ghats

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