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Trilochan Ghat – Three Eyed God and Secret Rivers

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Trilochan Ghat is one of the oldest ghats of Varanasi. Kashi Kand marks it as a prominent religious site. In fact, the inscriptions from Gahadavala rule(1100CE) also mention about it. Derived from a temple(Trilochaneshvara) located on this Ghat Trilochan is a Sanskrit word meaning three-eyed Shiv.

Trilochan Ghat, varanasi ghats
Trilochan Ghat (Img Src: Jagran)

Apart from the presence of an ancient temple, Trilochan Ghat has a sacred riverfront which according to Gahadavala inscriptions, was a famous site for sacred bath and rituals. It is also said that the water between the two towers which emerges from the Ganges at this ghat is holy and hold healing powers. According to the local priests, an invisible confluence of  Ganges, Narmada, and Pilpippala rivers take place here.

The sacred riverfront of the Trilochan Ghat
The sacred riverfront of the Trilochan Ghat

Just like all the sacred sites of Varanasi, this Ghat also faced the fury of Aurangzeb. Trilochaneshvara which was one of the oldest temples of Varanasi was demolished in 1669. It remained deserted for some time until Narayana Dikshit, a powerful priest of Peshwas constructed some stairs in 1740. In 1795 Nathu Bala Peshava reconstructed the temple and built the stairs on entire Ghat. Later on, Govt renovated and built more stairs around the ghat in 1988.

Trilochan Ghat , Vararanasi
Trilochan Ghat ( Img Src: Flickr)

Even after being home to one of the oldest Shivalinga in Varanasi this ghat is not much popular among tourists. Only a few pilgrims and locals take a dip at this ghat.


How to Reach

Trilochan ghat is located near Rabindranath Tagore Road and Gaay Ghat road. It is well connected to all the Railways stations, Airport and the bus stand via road. You can reach here by shared auto-rickshaws which are available from Maidhagin Chowk. One can also take a boat ride from any ghat to the Trilochan ghat.


What to See 

  • Trilochaneshwar
  • Varanasi Devi old image at Trilochaneshwar
  • Arunaditya(sun) Temple
  • Kotishvara Temple


Nearby Ghats

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