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Pita Maheshwar – The Hidden Shivling of Kashi

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The hole from which devotees worship the shivling (Picture by Priyanshu Singh)

Pita Maheshwar Shivling is one of the most secret and hidden temples in Varanasi. It is believed to be shwayambhu a Self-manifested form of Shivling. The mention of this Shivling can also be found in Skand Puran, one of the 18 most important Hindu scriptures.

As per the Kashi Khand of Skand Puran Lord Kartikey, the son of Lord Shiv has described this Shivling as one of the most prominent Shivlings of Kashi.

Pita Maheshwar Shivling
Pita Maheshwar Shivling from the second level of the underground temple. (Picture by Unnati Sharma)

Pita Maheshwar Shivling is situated 40 feet underground and it is believed to be very powerful that is why the darshans are only recommended by peeping through the hole made in the ground.

The temple opens up only on a few selective days such as Shivratri, Rang Bhari Ekadashi, and Mondays of monsoon season but one can see the Shivling from the hole throughout the year.

Pita maheshwar Secret shivling of Kashi
Pita Maheshwar shivling (Picture by Unnati Sharma)

The temple is hidden so perfectly that if you haven’t seen or heard about it before you will keep searching for it while standing on top of it the whole time!

As odd it may sound such hidden temples are very common in the streets of Varanasi. Paid media have always called these localities and houses around the temples illegal encroachment while the truth is that these houses were built to hide and protect the ancient temples of Kashi from the invaders such as the army of Aurangzeb.

Houses above the temple. (Picture by Priyanshu Singh)

Our ancestors put their lives in danger to keep these temples secure from the invaders and it is really sad that we are paying their favor back by calling their descendants illegal encroachers. The residents around such temples should be rewarded and their stories need to be shared more than the false narrative which is run by hate-mongering media houses.

Way to the Pita Maheshwar Temple (Picture by Priyanshu Singh)

Pita Maheshwar is one of such many temples that were saved by our ancestors. Its importance is such that as per the scriptures if someone worships Pita Maheswar he gives Mukti to his next 20 generations.

Thanks to the narrow streets and the brave residents of Kashi that hundreds of such temples are still safe and sound!

Ancient relics on the wall of Pita Maheshwar (Picture by Unnati Sharma)
Ancient Relics on the entry of the temple (Picture by Unnati Sharma)

How to reach Pita Maheshwar temple

Pita Maheshwar is located in Sheetla street of Varanasi. One can reach here on foot from chowk or Scindia Ghat. If you will approach the temple from the Ghat ask locals about the Siddheshwari Devi temple, from Siddheshwari move forward in the same lane and you will find a narrow street on your left side with a bell on the entrance. Enter the street and follow the path it will lead you to the temple.

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