Trailanga Swami: The Walking Shiv of Kashi

Kashi is a land of spiritual mysticism and ancient traditions, where countless saints and yogis have left an indelible mark on the country’s spiritual landscape. Among these luminaries, Trailanga Swami stands out as an extraordinary figure renowned for his incredible miracles and unwavering devotion. Today we will delve into the life and miracles of Trailanga Swami, a yogi who achieved legendary status for his remarkable abilities and deep spiritual insights.

The Life of Trailanga Swami

Trailanga Swami, also known as Shri Krishnendra swami or Swamiji Maharaj, was born in 1607 in the Kumbilapuram of Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh, India. From a young age, he exhibited an intense inclination towards spirituality and, by his teens, was drawn to the ascetic path. Trailanga Swami served his parents and after the death of his father, he gave all his wealth to the younger brother, he served his mother until her death when he was 52 years old.

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After the death of his mother, Trailanga Swami spent 20 years practising meditation and yoga at a cremation ground wearing the ashes of his mother until he met his guru Swami Bhagirathananda Saraswati in 1679. Bhagirathanada guided Trailanga swami and helped him in taking the monastic vows and renaming him Swami Ganapati Saraswati in 1685.

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Swami Ganapati spent most of his time travelling to various places before settling in Varanasi in 1737 where he lived in many places like Assi Ghat, Hanuman Ghat, Dashaswamedh Ghat, Panchganga Ghat etc.

Miracles of Trailanga Swami

While there is a long list of miracles related to Trailanga Swami, we will only speak of the ones that are well-documented in Varanasi.

One widely documented incident from Trailanga Swami’s life is from the British era. Trailanga Swami was not fond of materials and was often seen roaming around naked at the ghats. The Britishers didn’t like it and imprisoned him at the Chowk Thana police station for indecency. However, one day, as the guards were performing their routine checks, they discovered that the cell was empty. There was no sign of forced escape or any breach in the prison walls. It seemed as if Trailanga Swami had simply vanished into thin air and later on he was seen walking naked on the roof of the police station. He was again imprisoned but he disappeared from the jail the same night. The baffled jail authorities could not explain his disappearance.

Trailanga Swami could go without food or water for extended periods. His body seemed to operate on a different plane, not bound by the usual requirements of sustenance. On many days he only consumed milk and curd that was offered by his devotees and yet he never appeared straving. On other days he was just seen floating on the Ganga or sitting on hot sand under the harsh sun.

It is believed that Trailanga Swami lived for 280 years and that is why sometimes he is denoted as the immortal yogi. His interactions with people span multiple generations and centuries.

Death/Maha Samadhi of Trailanga Swami

Trailanga Swami was well aware of his death and he also informed his disciples that they would have to come in 5-6 years once invited without any fail.

When the time came he sent invites to his disciples and Instruct them in minute detail about his departure, he had them construct a wooden box precisely to his size. He directed them to place his body in the box without cremation. He specified the route, a rented boat journey from Assighat to Varunaghat where the box was to be submerged in the Ganges, at a specific spot a little distance from Panchganga Ghat.

Before his departure, he addressed his disciples’ spiritual questions, assigning the spiritual welfare of Umacharan to his second disciple, Kalicharan. News of Sri Trailanga Swami’s departure created a stir in Kashi. On the designated day, he retired into his room and entered a trance, emerging later to sit in a yoga posture in the wooden box, departing from his earthly existence at the age of 280 on December 26, 1887.

Shree Trailanga Swami Math

The Trailanga Swami Math stands proudly near Panchganga Ghat, right beside the Alamgir Mosque. Within its sacred walls, a divine Kali Murti revered by Trailanga Swami himself is enshrined. Near to this idol rests an immense Shivling, legend has it, brought by the Swami from the riverbed of the holy Ganges.

Trailanga Swami Math in Varanasi

A remarkable statue of Trailanga Swami, commissioned by his devoted disciples at his behest, graces the temple. Beneath this statue lies an underground meditation chamber where the Swami spent countless hours in deep meditation. It was here, within the tranquillity of this sanctum, that Trailanga Swami drew his final breath, departing from this earthly realm.

Trailanga Swami Math in Varanasi

Trailanga Swami’s life in Varanasi was truly mystical. His disappearing acts and ability to live without food are still fascinating stories that hold a lot of wonder.

His departure, meticulously orchestrated, mirrored the depth of his teachings, marking the end of an earthly chapter while igniting a timeless legacy. The Trailanga Swami Math stands proudly, a shrine to his spiritual prowess, inviting all to delve into the mystique of his being.

Explore the sanctum where he meditated, feel the spiritual pulse at Varanasi’s heart. Book a tour with Varanasi Guru and step into the mystical realms Trailanga Swami once roamed – a journey to transcendence, echoing his divine legacy.

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