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Nishad Raj Ghat – Abode of Fishermen

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Nishad Raj ghat is located between Prahlad Ghat and Rani Ghat. It is a small ghat with no religious significance. Nishad is a Hindu caste which refers to the communities which indulge in river centric occupations like boating and fishing. It has houses of boatsmen, divers, and fishermen, therefore, the riverbank is always full of colorful boats.

boats at nishad ghatThe small colorful houses overlook the Ganges from where boatsmen keep an eye on their boats. Earlier this ghat was a part of the Prabhu ghat but the locals built a temple of Nishad Raj here, therefore, changing the name of the ghat on its name.

Nishad Raj ghat varanasiIn the Evening, Nishad Raj Ghat becomes a playground where kids play cricket and the elders indulge in the card games. It is a great place for anyone who’d like to study or document the life of boatmen, fishermen or divers of the Ganges.

Nishad Raj ghat is located near Kashi railway station and Malviya Bridge. It is well connected to all the Railway stations, Airport and the bus stand via road. It can be reached by shared auto-rickshaws which are available from Maidhagin Chowk. You can also take a boat ride from any ghat to here.

Nearby Temples

  • Nishad Raj Temple
  • Tulsidas Temple

Nearby Ghats

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