Mukti Bhawan- Death Hotel of Varanasi

Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, commonly known as Moksha Bhawan, is somewhat like a guest house for the seekers of salvation. People come to spend the last days of their lives in the holy city of Kashi in order to attain salvation. According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that a soul has to undergo 8.4 million rebirths to finally acquire the human form, which is the only hope to attain Moksha(salvation).

It is said that if one dies and gets cremated in Varanasi, he/she is refrained from the mundane cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth impelled by the law of karma. Attaining Mukti or liberation from this world and all its ailing is hence considered to be the ultimate goal of a Hindu.

Moksha Bhawan was established by the Dalmia family in 1958 in the most spiritual and sacred city in the world. Over 14,000 people here have attained death by salvation till date. This place has only 10 rooms and it mostly shelters elderly people, for not more than 15 days, who wish to die here. If the days exceed, the helpers request them to leave or come back later depending on the health monitoring results. Within a period of 15 days, if their health is improving, they’ll have to check out. Only one seeker can stay here for salvation but as many family members can stay with them. People irrespective of their religion can stay and may/may not pay a fee of INR 20 for electricity charges depending on their financial capability. Some die within a few hours while some take a fortnight. One may or may not believe in the idea of moksha, but those who do, assume that their purpose of life is served.

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There are a few other death hotels in the city as well like Mumukshu Bhawan, with a similar intent where death is a celebration.

Mukti Bhawan, Varanasi

Where is Moksha Bhawan located?

Moksha Bhawan is located on Geeta Mandir Road, near Girja Ghar Road, Misir Pokhra. This place is 3.6 km from Varanasi Cantt. Junction.

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