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Gaay Ghat – Where Peace Meets Celebrations

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Gaay Ghat or Gai/Gaye Ghat is an ancient ghat located on the banks of Ganges in Varanasi. Gaay/Gai is a Hindi word which means cow. In ancient time people used to wash their cows on this ghat. Gaay Ghat has a 3ft tall sculpture of a Bull which is also why it’s called Gaay Ghat.

Gaay Ghat, Varanasi
Gaay Ghat, Varanasi (img src: google maps)


In the 12th Century, this was southern border of Varanasi main city. The texts from the early 17-century mention about Gaya ghat and painting from the same time period shows cows drinking water on this ghat. Later in the early 19th century, this ghat along with a part of Badri Narayan Ghat was made pucca by Balabai Sitole of Gwalior State.

 Gaay Ghat, Varanasi
Shivling on Gaay Ghat

Among all the southern ghats of Varanasi, Gaye Ghat is the most happening one. From Mundan ceremonies to Weddings and from religious functions to recreational one it hosts everything. There are many old and new Shivaling on the stairs which were added in front of Nandi(Bull) statue. The ghat is clean and often visited by locals and pilgrims.

Gaay Ghat, Varanasi
The iconic statue of Nandi on Gaay Ghat

The locals also hold evening aarti at the ghat and they celebrate all the major festivals with unmatchable enthusiasm. One can spot amazing Rangolis and eco-friendly decoration here on the occasion of Dev Diwali.

gaay ghat varanasi dev diwali
A rangoli made by locals on the occasion of Dev Diwali
Gaay Ghat Varanasi Dev Diwali
Dev Diwali Celebrations on Gaay Ghat 


How to Reach Gaay Ghat

Gaay Ghat is located near Gai Ghat road. It is well connected to all the Railways stations, Airport and the bus stand via road. You can reach here by shared auto-rickshaws which are available from Maidhagin Chowk. One can also take a boat ride from any ghat to the Gaay Ghat.


What to See/Nearby Places

  • Gaay Ghat temple Compound
  • Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

  • Machodari Park


Nearby Ghats

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