Pishach Mochan – Tirth of Forbidden Ones

A serene surrounding of a water body with an aged old temple dedicated to the Lord Kapardishwara Mahadev, Gates decorated with skulls and various small temples dedicated to Brahm- the lord of another world welcomes you into a time of prayers for your forefathers waiting for their liberation from a forbidden state so that they can attain moksha by entering into core of Kashi – The Siddhi Kshetra of Lord Vishwanath.

Legend of Pishach Mochan

As per Kashi Khanda – The Pishach Kund is originally known as “Vimal Tirth / Vimlodak Tirtha.” A Shiv Gana named Kapardi created a water body- “Vimal Tirth” and worshipped Shiva at this place hence Kapardiswara Mahadev came into existence. Over the period of time, the place became famous as a place for penance. Once a Pashupata sage- was meditating at the bank of Vimal Tirth, suddenly a Pishach who was a brahmin but due to his Karma of past birth got the Pishach(Ghost) Yoni. Initially, he tried to frighten sage Valmiki but after much effort, he bowed down to Sage and asked him for liberation. Sage Valmiki asked him to bathe in the pond and worship Lord Kapardishwara. Hence Pishach got liberation from Pishach Yoni and tirtha became Pishach Mochan. Since then Pishach Mochan tirtha became a famous place for Pind Daan and Tripindi Sraadh apart from Gaya, Bihar.

Pishach Mochan Kund

[Valmiki (Pashupata- Were a cult of Shiva Worshipper in Kashi, dedicated to Aghor form of Shiva and were centered around present Omkareshwar Tirth, do not confuse Valmiki with Sage Valmiki, who wrote Ramayana)]

Pind Daan and Shraddh Karm

As per Hindu beliefs after the death of a person, his/her souls reside in the Pitriloka – the realm between heaven and earth, governed by Yama “The Lord of Death”. The three generations of ancestors remain in the Pitriloka and visit the earth during Pitri Paksha (The Lunar month of Bhadrapada) so that they can get water, offering from their lineage. If they get it, they get liberation but if they don’t get the offering, they get the punishment of rebirth. When a person of the next generation dies, the first generation shifts to heaven and attains moksha/rebirth depending upon Karma and above said reason. That is why Sahraddh rituals are done for only three generations of ancestors. The troubled souls of ancestors have an effect on their loved ones on earth if they are not happy in Pirtaloka hence the rituals of Pind Daan and Shraddh Karam become important. 

Tripindi Shradh

A series of rituals to get away from the Pitra Dosha, involves the worship of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva represented by clay water pot- Kalsaha of white, Yellow, and Black clothes respectively so that they can give liberation to ancestors. 

Entrance Gate of Pishach Mochan kund

In the month of Pitripaksha, Pishach Kund turns into a prime place for these rituals, and folks from around the world visit this place so that their loved ones can get liberation. The entire area around Kund witnesses a huge gathering of people in white clothes and shaved heads performing puja, under the guidance of Brahmins. It is said that after Gaya, Pishach Mochan is the only place where one can perform such puja that opens a door of moksha for forefathers. Even Garun Purana mentions the glory of Tirtha.

Temple Premises

The place gives a very strange vibe owing to the legend associated with it. The very place has a Pipal tree, which has uncountable nails nailed to it, some with coins, and photographs of multiple people who probably died an untimely death. As per a famous tale, It is said that it’s the final solution for a troubling soul, maybe it’s a superstition or a reality, depending on one’s belief.

The main temple complex is situated at the bank of a Kund, you can get a darshan of Kaprdishwar Mahadev along with Kapardi Vinayak (Temple also comes under Panch karoshi Yatra). Just adjacent to the temple a small complex idol of Brahm is worshipped along with lord Hanuman and Vishnu. There is the temple of Pisacheswara Mahadev and Sage Valmiki on Valmiki Tila nearby. The area around Kund has several small temples headed by Panda/ Brahmin with their own presiding deities. There is an Akhada nearby, it’s a peaceful complex with small temples and places dedicated to Ramleela of Chitrakoot Ramleela, which was started by Megha Bhagat “Disciple of Goswami Tulsidas”.

Akhara & Temple complex next to the kund

[Varanasi Guru doesn’t endorse any superstitious customs or beliefs, all the things said above are for sake of only information and love for this unique and unmatchable City, while visiting this place be aware of frauds and even if you want to perform rituals, seek help from locals or genuine priests.] 

How To Reach

Pishach Mochan is near Lahurabir and easily approachable via Road.

Nearby places

Pitra Kund 

Pitreshwara Mahadev

Matri Kund

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