Unlock the secrets of Kashi with Varanasi Guru

Explore Nishant Mishra

An Anesthesiologist but a self taught artist from Kashi(Varanasi), currently pursuing my career as both, as an artist and a doctor in Delhi. Mythology and Varanasi are core subject of my paintings. The heritage and legacy of Varanasi keeps inspiring me to find the hidden, less known facts. To write or paint about Kashi is a medium of worship for me. Other than these i keep experimenting with food especially baking, so may be one day you can land up reading about those as well. I just believe in creativity in any aspect, we all are a creation of someone’s creativity.

Kaal Bhairav Temple – The Kotwal of Kashi

वाराणस्यांभैरव: देवसंसारभयंनासंनम!  जनमजन्मस्य: कृताम्पापम्दर्शनेनविनश्यति! The shlok which resides on the tongue-tip of every Kashi Vasi glorifies the fierce yet compassionate nature of Kaal Bhairav. How their sins get abolished with

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