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Kashi: An Exploration Within

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Call me Kashi, Call me Banares;
Don’t just share as a poem or a story;
Come and know me, and carry me along.
I AM YOU, the existence of life.

Varanasi Ghats Boat Ride experience

Imagine a destination that has chosen to invite you on a visit; a destination which you have been long planning for. As a girl from the North East, I used to visualize traveling to all other geographical zones of the country besides hill stations during my school-days. Consequently, the chapter of Kashi started in early 2011 as my teenage wish, and eventually, it occurred in the year 2018. That’s when I jaunted through Kashi, popularly known as Varanasi.

Ganga Aarti Varanasi experience

Tell me, what’s your favorite about Kashi? Many would give a variety of answers to it which I will not deny any. As of mine, it is the feeling of being in Varanasi, roaming in the Galis (narrow streets) in the middle of its crowd.

Varanasi Guru experience

With no intention of attaching too much of philosophy within, my personal advice is that don’t ever miss out any of the opportunities to explore these hidden streets. They shelter a number of Sadhus whose sole purpose is to achieve Moksha in this worldly life.

Although Varanasi stands gorgeously by the bank of the Ganges, it feels lifeless without these streets. Whether you are inclined towards mouth-watering street foods or for window shopping, they are always ready with a bundle of surprises. By the warmth of sunrise, Banaras is an emotive one senses after the attainment of the pleasure of every hue of the city, and that can be sipping a chilled fruity Lassi during summer or finding a traditional mandala wall hanger or any other.

Varanasi Aghori experience

Apart from the temples, Simplicity is another highlight of Kashi, and the Ghats contribute unconditionally to this fact. You would be amazed to see a variety of people coming to these Ghats with different purposes and yet sharing the same divine connection. Some would pray, meditate, arrange a pyre; others would perform their chores for a livelihood. Each Ghat speaks of stories about countless travelers along with its noted history.

Varanasi Sunset ghats experience

While wandering on all these thoughts near Nandeshwar Ghat, a group of local children playfully rushed to me. I played with them for a while, took photographs and left, as it was my last day in the city. No matter how much I explain, an emotion of being in any place is better felt only by the traveler himself or herself. So, discover how a city like this can inspire you in its limitless way. Therefore, schedule your voyage and start sailing towards Kashi, and therefore, explore within.

Picture with Varanasi KidsAnd dear Kashi,
Certainly, I felt your existence.
I never forced, but you just made it happen.
And that defines a blissful connection of a traveler to her love.

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