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Bhang Lassi – The Magical Blend of Kashi

As its name goes, Bhang Lassi is a magical blend of Bhang (Indian Cannabis) and Lassi (A yogurt-based Indian drink). Let me give you an insight into these two edible preparations.


“Lassi” is a refreshing summer drink prepared with a yogurt base; originating from Punjab and popular throughout the nation. It can be considered as the oldest variant of shakes.  It has two varieties: Sweet and Salty.

bhang lassi

Types of Lassi

The sweet lassi has a thicker texture. The yogurt is emptied in a vessel and nicely churned using a wooden or steel whisker. Once the yogurt has been churned a little, ice & sugar is added and blended again. Once done it is served in an earthen pot or a glass and is garnished with a generous scoop of clotted cream along with Rabri, pistachios, and a few fruits like mango or pomegranate.

The salty variant has the same preparation process but its consistency is a little thinner than the sweeter one. Other than that it has salt in it and is garnished with crushed roasted cumin seeds powder and a tinge of red chili powder. But what you get in Varanasi is very different from that of Punjab.

Here it is way heavier and filling. It is as good as a complete ‘dessert meal’. “Bhang” on the other hand is an edible variant of Indian cannabis.

History of Bhang Lassi

Its consumption dates back to as early as 1000BC in Indian History. Bhang is considered as the gracious gift by Lord Shiva and is openly and legally consumed in India. It is abundantly distributed especially during Maha Shivratri (The marriage night of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati) and Holi (The color of Festivals).


How Bhang Lassi is Made

The Bhang used for the lassi is in the form of a paste which is prepared by soaking the leaves overnight and crushing it on the stone slab with a roller. A few seeds of black pepper are also used for edifying the taste of the paste otherwise, it will smell and taste too grassy. The paste made has a watery texture.

paste of bhang

The lassi prepared is a simple one with sugar and ice in it. Once the required consistency is attained the lassi is served in an earthen cup. After that, 3-4 spoons of that bhang paste are added and is mixed well. Your “Bhang Lassi” is ready. Enjoy the drink. It should be on your bucket list when you plan your trip to Varanasi.

Green Lassi Shop (Assi, Varanasi)

*Bhang should be used in a very judicious amount as it affects you after almost 30 mins. It is advisable not to drive after having this lassi. You might feel a little dizzy even by the next morning but it goes away gradually.

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