10 Varanasi Videos Every Kashi Lover Should Watch

Watch these Varanasi videos before you plan your trip to Varanasi, India. If you’re looking to know every bit and piece but you don’t have that much time to read then you can watch these videos. These Videos of Banaras have everything from the perfect itinerary to culture, stories, and food. We have hand-picked the best videos created by amazing travelers and content creators so that you can enjoy the best of Kashi straight from your home.

Kashi the Eternal City by Sadhguru

We all know Sadhguru because of his profound knowledge of not only Sanatan Dharm but also various subjects. Sadhguru, who leads Isha Foundation worldwide is one of the few people who know how to orate the tales of Hinduism and Shiva. What’s better than listening to the stories from Sadhguru himself.

Banaras on Being Banarasi by Being Indian

A fun video by Being Indian. If you haven’t watched this video yet then you’re missing on some serious fun!

Street Food in Varanasi by Luke Martin

A fusion of west and east, this video showcase Varanasi street food from the perspective of westerners. If you’re someone visiting from the outside of the country and have some serious questions related to the street food and your stomach then this is the video for you.

Varanasi Series by Larissa Das

Larissa, who is a famous social media personality and is also known for her soothing vlogs, documented her travel to the city of Shiv in 3 episodes. It’s a delight to watch and listen to her experience with her friends.

Subah-e-Banaras by Ethereal

Subah Banaras by Ethereal is one of the most beautiful videos ever made in Varanasi. The video revolves around the concept and explanation of “Subah Banaras” a famous phrase and a morning ritual of Varanasi. The video also features baba Shivdas, an Italian musician who was living in Varanasi for years and had turned into a saint.

Subah-e-Banaras Varanasi Documentary by Moonlight Pictures

If you have time just enough to watch one video then it should be Subah-E-Banaras by Moonlight pictures. Moonlight pictures is a home-grown production house and have been working effortlessly in creating some of the most amazing documentaries around Hinduism and india.

Varanasi Food Tour on Dev Diwali by Delhi Food Walks

When it comes to street food how can we not think of Delhi? The capital is full of street food spots and the love for street food is real among delhiets. So, what happens when a food blogger from delhi get lost in the streets of Varanasi? Expect some good experience in this one. 🙂

Banaras of 1931

Wouldn’t it be amazing we could just travel back into the time and witness the glory days of Kashi? Sadly, no time machine exists yet so maybe we will have to wait a little longer but this video from 1931 will takes us a little back into the time to give us a taste of how Kashi was under the rule of Britishers.

A Brief Introduction to Kashi by Geethanjali – Travel Saga

Watching this video is like taking a vitrual pilgrimage to Kashi with your family. It’s one of those videos that you can watch with your grand mother and she will bless you for this!

Feel Banaras by Varanasi Guru

Feel Varanasi was edited in-house to give the audience a virtual experience of Varanasi. The video clips were shot by Tomb Limb and are available in the public domain. We tried to add life to these moving pictures by recording and designing the sound. Headphones recommended!

Just in case if these videos weren’t enough for you or they worked like starters for your curious brain you can check out our list of top 10 movies shot in Varanasi.

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