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Mirchi Trisha – Voice Behind Hello Banaras

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Hellooooo, Banaras!

From past one year, Banaras is waking up to the voice of this young girl. You might have heard her voice around the teashops and she also might have accompanied you while you were struggling through the traffic jams. The city which is already famous for it’s beautiful mornings has got a new addition to its charm. Meet Trisha Chaturvedi aka RJ Trisha/Mirchi Trisha of Radio Mirchi, a young girl from Banaras who’s heart and soul is dedicated to her city and its people.

RJ Trisha - Radio mirchi Varanasi

Hi, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am RJ Trisha, A Banarasi girl who follows her dreams, believes in herself and never give up. Things I want in life don’t come easy, but they are worth the effort. I believe If you keep going, someday you will be able to look back over your life, smile, and say, “I never thought I could do it and I did. I overcame all the people, heartaches, and challenges that tried to hold me back.”

What inspired you to become an RJ? To be precise, why did you choose this?

I love meeting new people, sharing my innovative ideas with them, I needed a platform to share my thoughts, opinion so that I can make everyone happy with my positive attitude that’s why I chose to become a Radio Jockey.

Is it what you always wanted to be?

Yes, it was my dream since childhood. I turned my dream into a goal, worked hard for it and finally achieved it with the help of a degree in mass communication.

What major challenges and problems did you face?

• Night shifts
• Tackling my mood
• Convincing people with my ideas/thoughts
• Meeting high expectations of people around me/audience

RJ Trisha - Radio Mirchi - Hello Varanasi

What does your average day look like at Radio Mirchi?

on an average my day at Mirchi office goes smoothly as my colleagues are super cool; always ready to help me whenever I am stuck somewhere.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be remembered as one of the most renowned RJs from India by keeping up my best foot forward and while doing that I also wish to educate people about the Varanasi and its culture.

Tell us something that you love about Varanasi?

-Street Food like Kachori jalebi, Chaat, Golgappas, etc

– The serenity of Ghats, the kind of vibes that I get when I go to ghat is super awesome (जो शांति लोग दुनिया भर में खोजते हैं हर बनारसी उसे जीता है) that makes me love Banaras more.

– The way बिंदास बनारसी meet; greet or welcome the guest is just commendable.

What are few solid tips you have for the youngsters of Varanasi?

Kabil bano!
Kamyabi jhak marke tumahre piche aayegi!

Always follow your dreams; thrive hard to achieve it but never give up. Challenges; problems are part of life so face it, chase it & do it. Just be focused, ignore negativity, be passionate, explore new things & last but not least give importance to yourself while making any decision about your life.