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Varanasi Metro – A First Of It’s Kind In India

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5 years ago central Govt approved the Varanasi Metro Rail project but it faced a lot of hassle due to the strict policies. Later, VDA was asked to redesign the project to suit the needs of a third tier city like Varanasi.

Finally, with the help of RITES a proposal to use mini metro was introduced along with a plan to build 2 metro lines and 28 stations. Let’s take a look at all the differences Metro will make in our daily lives once it’s approved, Built and operational.

Varanasi Metro – First of Its Kind

Varanasi metro
Just an artistic representation

After completion of the project, Varanasi will become one of the very few cities in India to have the ‘Light Metro’ rail service. It will be able to carry around 300 passengers and will cost 20% less than the medium sized metros. This will certainly bring a lot of media attention altogether which will make other authorities to work under pressure. Resulting in a lot of development in local infrastructure!


No More Traffic Jams

Varanasi Metro
Just a normal Jam at Godowlia (Img src: DNA india)

We all know the struggle of being stuck in the traffic jam, Especially on the route from Chowk to Lanka. After the completion of Metro, the commute will become smoother and faster. It will also bring down the number of vehicles on the road.


Less Pollution

Air Pollution level in Varanasi (march 2018)

This is one of the biggest change this project will bring. Today a lot of people rely on two-wheelers and auto rickshaws to go around in the city. Electrically powered metro will not only make your commute comfortable but also more eco-friendly.


One Less Excuse to Get Late for the Lectures

Haha! The BHU students will have one less reason to get late for their lectures. With fewer traffic Jams and direct metro connectivity, students will be able to reach on time. But we know our backbenchers are smart enough to come up with a ton of new excuses!


New Job Opportunities

Varanasi metro jobs

Varanasi Metro project will bring employment to the city. The scarcity of employment is a major issue in Varanasi due which youngsters often migrate. Varanasi Metro will open up a sea of opportunities for the people of all ages.



The major chunk of our money is spent on going from one place to other. Travelling through metro is a lot cheaper when compared to the other means for the long-distance. Once metro will be operational you will be able to commute without burning a hole in your pocket. 😉


 Saranath will be Just a metro away

Fingers crossed already!

The metro will connect Sarnath to Benia Bagh, BHEL and  BHU. A blue line will run from Sarnath to Benia Bagh where it will interchange with the red line. The red line will connect BHEL to BHU.


Safer commute Option for Ladies

Img source: TOI

Today Metro trains are the safest mode of transport in India. The newly built coaches are fully equipped with the CCTV cameras and regularly surveil. With the ease of travel and added security women and senior citizen will no longer have to hold back


Boast in Tourism

(IMG SRC: One India Gallery)

We all know that transport infrastructure plays an important role in the progress of any city. The smoother the system is the better the travelling experience gets. With that being said the number of tourists is likely to increase once metro will be operational.

However, At the moment all these things sound nothing more than just a dream but we hope sooner or later they will come true. Until then Safar ka suffer to chalta hi rahega.

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