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Alaknanda – The Luxury Cruise Liner

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Alaknanda, Varanasi’s first luxury cruise liner is all set to reach its home by the end of this month. Regulated by a Banaras based startup, Nordic Cruiseline Alaknanda will be the first luxury cruiser in Varanasi.

Alaknanda Varanasi's luxury Cruise liner Photo
Alaknanda on trial run in Kolkata

Alaknanda is a double-decker cruise ship which will be able to carry more than 100 passengers at any given time. The liner is equipped with 60 luxurious sofas to make your voyage incredibly comfortable and have eco-friendly bio-toilets. It also has an extensively equipped kitchen which will serve both veg and non-veg dishes to please your taste buds.


Alaknanda Varanasi's first luxury Cruise liner
The upper deck of Alaknanda (IMG SRC: Nordic Cruiseline)
Alaknanda Varanasi's first luxury Cruise liner lower deck
The lower deck of Alaknanda (IMG SRC: Nordic Cruiseline)

The lower deck of the cruise is fully airconditioned and has a small stage which boosts all the needed multimedia functionality. To keep you connected to the modern world it also offers free onboard wifi. The upper deck is a restaurant and will let you enjoy the view while hogging on your favourite food!

The cruise is even equipped with numerous safety features and an onboard lifeguard for emergencies. However, I really doubt that you will ever need them! 😉

At the moment company will be offering two rides in a day. An early morning slow cruise will let you soak in the views while having breakfast. The evening cruise will let you watch the Ganga Aarti and leave a trail of Diyas. Each ride will start and end at the Assi ghat, covering all the 84 ghats.

First glimpse of Alaknanda from the successful trial run in Kolkata

The cruise liner is fully operational now and the tickets are priced at 750 Indian rupees per person. To book the tickets please visit the official website of Nordic Cruise Line.

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