Trailang Swami

Yogi who lived for 280 years

Trailanga Swami was no ordinary holy man. Born in 1607, he defied expectations by living a staggering 280 years.  Devotees believed he possessed supernatural abilities, including surviving without food or water and disappearing from locked jails.

For years, Trailanga Swami practiced meditation by the sacred Ganges River. Legends surround this enigmatic figure, attributing miraculous feats to his unwavering devotion to God.

Trailanga Swami's life was shrouded in mystery. Stories claim he could vanish from locked jail cells, only to reappear inexplicably. Was he a master illusionist or something more?

Trailanga Swami's story continues to fascinate people today. His unwavering faith and legendary feats inspire awe and spark questions about the limits of human potential.

Trailanga Swami's life challenges the boundaries between reality and myth. Did he truly possess supernatural abilities, or were his feats elaborate stories? Explore the life of this enigmatic holy man and uncover the truth behind the legends.

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