The Evergrowing Shivling

Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev

Tilbhandeshwar (also known as Vibhandeshwar) Mahadev temple is a Shaivite temple built in the 18th century. Originally, it was named 'Surabhandeshwar'.

According to Hindu mythology, there was a field of til(sesame) plant in this location. One day, a Shivlinga appeared from the heap of til, and thereafter, the local started worshipping it.

It is noticed that the Linga expands by the size of a 'til' every year. Currently, the height of the visible part of the linga is 3.5 feet and the diameter of its base is roughly 3 feet. It is also said that Mata Sharda had spent some of her days in this temple.

Tilbhandeshwar Temple is located approx. 5 km away from the Varanasi Cantt Railway Station. You can reach the temple by taxi, auto, or rickshaw from any part of Varanasi city.

Most main stage acts take 6 months or more to plan, depending on the level of theatrics and sophistication.

Professional grade equipment and power systems are flown in from all over Europe to prepare for the festival.

White Lightning
White Lightning

Each of the 3 stages acts as its own little city in terms of a power system, equipment and the sound engineers that keep the stage operating at its best.

With all the prep work on sound, we can’t forget about food and beverage for the festival.

The Experience

Orange Lightning

A team of 20 festival planners coordinate with food and drink vendors to keep variety high and costs low.

The festival grounds are architected to account for the food stalls, rest areas, VIP areas, and of course restrooms.

After a full year of planning, rock fans get to enjoy a 3-day festival of a lifetime.

Orange Lightning

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