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Tomb of Lal Khan – Most Beautiful Place in Varanasi

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While Varanasi is famous for its ghats and streets the city is also a treasure chest filled with beautiful monuments. One such place is the Tomb of Lal Khan which is classified as Muslim monument. Built-in 1773 the tomb of Lal Khan is located near the Malviya bridge right on the back side of Khirkiya Ghat.

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The tomb is located inside the dismantled old Raj Ghat fort and remains hidden from the public sight. The location and elevation of the tomb make it impossible to be spotted from the ghats and as a result, not many people visit this place.

Once you enter the gate of the monument you are welcomed by the well maintained green lawn and the chirping birds. As you walk in the noise of the road fades away and the tranquillity drops in.

Tomb of Lal khan - Most beautiful place in the Varanasi
View after entering the gate


On the left side is an excavated site of ASI. These are the remains of ancient settlement which dates back to first to third century AD. The site is still a subject of research so the visitors are not allowed to go near it.


ASI Excavation site on the left side of the Lal khan Tomb


The tomb looks magnificent with the backdrop of the glittering Ganges and Malviya bridge. There are 4 graves around the main tomb which probably belong to the family of Lal Khan. The main mausoleum boasts a dazzling stonework and the Mughal influence can be seen in its architecture, stonework and the dome.


Tomb of Lal Khan, Raj ghat - Offbeat locations in Varanasi india
Tomb of Lal Khan, Raj Ghat


If you’re looking for a quiet place to sit along with your friends on a fine afternoon then head over to this place without a second thought. The site is very well maintained and there is no entry fee.


Tomb of Lal Khan, Most beautiful place in varanasi, most beautiful location in varanasi, offbeat places in varanasi
View of Malviya Bridge and Ganges from the Tomb

How to Reach Tomb of Lal Khan

The tomb of Lal Khan is located near Malviya Bridge and Raj Ghat. It is well connected to all the Railways stations, Airport and the bus stand via road. You can reach here by shared auto-rickshaws/Tuk-Tuks which are available throughout the city. One can also take a boat ride from any ghat to the Raj Ghat.


What to See/Nearby Places

  • ASI excavation site

  • Malviya Bridge
  • Confluence of Varuna and Ganges


Nearby Ghats

Raj Ghat, Khidkiya Ghat