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As COVID-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. These are challenging times for us all, and we hope you’re in good spirits and health!

Right now, we’re doing everything possible to sustain daily operations and provide services to our community. While there’s a lot of uncertainty, we know that we need to adapt fast to our changing reality. Now, more than ever, Varanasi needs us. And we need you.

In hope of the silver lining in the dark cloud, we are trying to put forth a philanthropic fund-raiser for various under-privileged COVID stricken families who are either having financially hard times or are facing resource scarcity. If you’d buy a print, you’ll be sharing a heart for the cause. Probably, we can gift some relief, resources and restore hope to those underprivileged people, children, and families.

While you take a keen look at the photographs which are up for the fund-raising cause, you’ll find it full of life, yet placid, compassionate and harmonious. Let’s hope for the same, for our people, for our Kashi & for our Nation!

Help Kashi by Donating

5 Postcards

Donate ₹500 or more
500 One Time

1 Frame + 5 Postcards

Donate ₹1500 or more
1500 One Time

Can't Buy?

If you’re unable to donate at this time, there are many other ways you can support us! You can advocate for us by sharing our mission in your circle. Even a quick mention/share on your social media would mean the world to us.

In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are. Thank you for being part of our community. Without you, none of it is possible! ❤️

Artists Against Covid

In Association with

Hope Welfare Trust

Hope Welfare Trust is a 100% volunteer-based NGO, working in 150+ villages in Eastern U.P. for the last 6 years. They’ve been designated by the DM of Varanasi to carry out relief work for Covid-19.

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